Bird Nesting Season

You may have heard the start of the dawn chorus signalling the start of the bird nesting season.  We’d like to remind and advise our clients that the bird nesting season is typically recognised as March to August inclusive (although some bird species nest outside this period).  It is an offence under wildlife legislation* to destroy the active nest of a wild bird.

Birds can nest in a variety of habitats such as trees, shrubs, hedgerows, buildings and on the ground.  To avoid any delays as a result of the need to protect nesting birds, if any building demolition or vegetation removal is scheduled we would like to advise our clients to either: –

  1. Arrange for the removal of any suitable habitats for nesting birds before early March; and / or
  2. Where appropriate, install measures to prevent access by birds to facilitate removal at a later date.

If neither of these actions are possible we can carry out a nesting bird inspection prior to the commencement of site clearance or arboricultural works and provide appropriate guidance to ensure the law is not broken and best practice is applied.

*Part 1 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 (as amended).

Kittiwake and chick
Kittiwake and chick (Victoria Burrows)
Artic Tern
Arctic Tern (Victoria Burrows)