Three Sites Registered Under the Bat Low Impact Class Licence (BLICL)

Victoria has now registered three sites under the BLICL (see Blog entry in May 2015). In all instances the confirmation from Natural England that the site has been successfully registered was received within 10 working days of the application. This approach has facilitated the timely demolition of buildings and the less onerous paperwork involved has saved our clients a significant sum. Victoria has renewed her registration to use this licence in 2016.


Soft Stripped Roof BLICL
Careful removal of roof tiles under the BLICL
Soprano Pipistrelle Bat
Soprano Pipistrelle bat found beneath a roof tile during works




New BCT Bat Survey Guidelines Published

The team is currently getting to grips with the new (3rd) edition of ‘Bat Surveys for Professional Ecologists: Good Practice Guidelines‘ (Collins, 2016). This is the definitive guidance and describes the survey approach expected by Natural England, local planning authorities and bat groups.

BCT Bat Survey Guidelines

We are ready to appropriately advise our clients ahead of the 2016 bat survey season and look forward to another busy and interesting year.