Privacy Policy

Last updated 16 May, 2022

This policy explains how we collect personal information, what we use the information about you for, the basis on which we collect it and your rights.

The information we hold is collected and managed by us, ERAP (Consultant Ecologists) Limited.  We collect information:

  • from our website;
  • provided by you directly to us;
  • provided by employers and businesses on their staff; and
  • from referrals.

Our office is Building N2, Chorley Business and Technology Centre, East Terrace, Euxton Lane, Euxton, Chorley, PR7 6TE.  We can be contacted on +44(0) 1772 750502 or by email at 

We oversee all of our data management to ensure that compliance with this policy and the data protection rules.

The Personal Information We Collect and Hold

The categories of information we will collect about individuals are:

  • your name;
  • an email address (work or personal as applicable);
  • phone numbers;
  • details of job title/role; and
  • address.

We are a business to business supplier and only collect information about individuals to do with our business.  Our clients may require us to provide services to their consumers, but we do not hold personal information about them.  The personal information we use about individuals concerns their business relationship with us.

How We Use and Disclose Personal Information

We may use your personal data for the following purposes:

  • administering a contract with us.  We will process your information as required to administer the contracts with our clients.
  • providing you with information about ourselves, our products and services generally.
  • sharing your Data with third party organisations who provide services to us e.g. our IT services and hosting provider.  We provide this information to these third parties as part of our services to you and our clients and they process data for us.  All these providers have contracts with us.

Where we process your data, it is subject to our strict internal policy requirements as well as the Data Protection regulations.

The basis on which we use your data to administer a contract you have with us is the contract (if this is with you).  In all other instances we process personal data on the basis of our legitimate interest.  We will use your personal data to process contracts we have with our clients on the basis that we need to do so and therefore have a legitimate interest for this purpose.  We will also use your personal data to provide you with information about our products where this is part of your job role on the basis of our legitimate interest.

We may share your information with third parties who provide services to us, for example a sub-contractor we may engage to deliver services.  Where we do this, it is subject to agreements they have with us to ensure that our data policies are followed and your data is maintained securely.  We may share your information with our IT / hosting provider.

How Long Will We Hold Your Personal Information?

We will hold the personal information we use to meet the requirements of our agreements with clients, for the period of those agreements and any further period afterwards that we need for regulatory or other legal reasons (such as to defend any claims).  Where we process information for a third party we will hold the information for as long as we are required to do so.  We will remove any personal information we do not need when we no longer need it.

If we have personal information which you have consented for us to use we will use it for the purpose of the consent and hold it for the period the consent remains in force and any other period we need for regulatory or other legal reasons.  You may remove your consent at any time.

We will delete any information about you we no longer need.  Please see below in relation to your rights to have data erased, rectified or for you to access it and for you to object to any processing or to transfer it.

Your Rights

You have a number of rights in relation to your personal information.  These are –

  • The right to confirm if we are using data about you and to access details about what we are using and how;
  • The right to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioners Office;
  • The right to request we rectify any inaccurate data corrected or to have data which is incomplete for the purpose we hold it completed;
  • The right to be forgotten. Which is the right to ask us to delete information about you and if it is appropriate to do so we will do so;
  • The right to restrict what we do with data in specific circumstances, including where the accuracy of the data is contested, processing is unlawful but you do not want us to erase the data or if we only need the data to meet legal requirements;
  • The right to receive the data we hold about you in a format you can use to transfer the data electronically elsewhere.

You are also able to withdraw any consent you have provided for use to use your data at any time.  This is opting out and the process is set out below.

Opting Out

You can opt out of any consent provided to us by unsubscribing from marketing communications you receive from us based on your consent.  These will provide an unsubscribe option.  You can also contact us at any time to confirm that you wish to withdraw your consent.

We do not pass any information to external third parties for direct marketing purposes.


Your privacy and data protection are very important to us and we comply with all aspects of the Data Protection legislation and ensure that any third parties we engage do so. You can find out more about your rights to data from the Information Commissioners Office.

Some data processing may occur in other parts of the European Union (“EU”) or outside of the EU. Wherever data is processed your rights under the Data Protection Regulations will be met and we will ensure that any agreement to process your data ensures this and give you rights in the unlikely event of any security breach.

 Contact Us

If you have any enquiry relating to your personal information, you can do so by sending an e-mail to us at

Please note that because of the insecure nature of emails we cannot accept any responsibility for data lost or intercepted in transit.

Or write to us at:

Building N2
Chorley Business and Technology Centre
East Terrace
Euxton Lane
PR7 6TE.

Telephone +44(0) 1772 750502