Victoria is a Bat Low Impact Class Licence (BLICL) Registered Consultant


Our Principal Ecologist, Victoria Burrows, met the criteria, has the relevant experience, attended the training event and completed the assessment to become one of a small number of ‘Registered Consultants’ able to apply the new Natural England Bat Low Impact Class Licence (BLICL).

The BLICL aims to facilitate a more streamlined means of permitting works (i.e. demolition, re-roofing, renovation etc.) affecting certain bat roosts i.e. those of low conservation status for common species.

This Class Licence approach aims to reduce the burden on both the developer / house owner and on Natural England for a significant number of low impact type cases, by reducing the application paper work, scrutiny of the three tests prior to a licence being granted and speed in which a licence decision will be determined.   It also enables a more proportionate approach to licensing to be taken for certain case types.

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